We Love Our Work: Tim Redmond

“Political reporter” wages his fight in a new venue

Tim Redmond teaches Guild interns to "think like an investigative reporter." (Sara Bloomberg)

Tim Redmond teaches Guild interns to “think like an investigative reporter.” (Sara Bloomberg)

By Laura Thomas

Tim Redmond has never been an objective journalist and he makes no apologies for it: “I am a political reporter,” he said. “A reporter who is political.”

A stalwart of the San Francisco political scene, Redmond spent more than 30 years as a reporter, editor, then publisher of the San Francisco Bay Guardian until last year, when he left in a disagreement with owner Todd Vogt over staff cuts. Now a member of Guild Freelancers, he has begun his own non-profit news web site, 48hills.org, where he continues his analytical coverage of local politics. Continue reading

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Bay News Rising flourishes in its 3rd year

A project of Pacific Media Workers Guild

Photo by Sara Bloomberg

Photo by Sara Bloomberg

At a time when freelancers and temps comprise more than one-third of the workforce, the Pacific Media Workers Guild is reaching out to the next generation of journalists. Our goal:  Prepare them for life as self-employed professionals and arm them with the information they need to advocate for themselves and their fellow media workers.

We do this through our innovative mentorship/training program called Bay News Rising. Our union offers a hands-on program to college journalism students. Its mission: to spur serious reporting on labor, workplace issues, women’s rights and other social justice topics while teaching students to insist upon fair treatment and fair pay as the American newsroom changes.

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NYC probes wage theft targeting freelancers

Meanwhile, reality TV writers, producers vote to unionize

(William Alatriste, NY City Council) Councilman and labor committee chair Daneek Miller.

NYC Councilman Daneek Miller (William Alatriste)

by Rebecca Rosen Lum

Liz Morrison worked 15-hour days without overtime pay as an associate producer on the National Geographic show “Humanly Impossible,” which from Harrison’s account might better be dubbed “Inhumane and Impossible.”

So rampant is wage theft in the reality TV industry that the New York City Council is probing what the Writers Guild of America called “sweatshop conditions” for freelance workers, writes Corinne Lestch of the New York Daily News.

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