6 tips for getting gigs

by Beth Winegarner, Poynter.org

Create a network and continue to build it. Pitch on subjects other reporters are missing. Research potential publications — and their editors.

“In Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe, freelancers or freelances were mercenaries — knights who didn’t belong to any kingdom’s army,” Beth Winegarner writes on Poynter.org. “Instead, they offered their lance-wielding skills to wealthy landowners. They were the private security officers of their day.”

Today, the battle continues — a constant battle to generate good ideas, pitch them to the right people and to land assignments that pay well and leave time for more writing, Winegarner writes in “Six tips for getting gigs.”  Winegarner’s other tips: Pitch more than you can write, sending multiple ideas to each editor and pitching multiple editors at once; create a well-crafted website; and share the wealth, sending offers you don’t have time for to colleagues who need the work (they will return the favor).

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