Dental Insurance

Members of the Freelance Unit (and members of other units of independent workers) are eligible to participate in the group dental and vision plans. The plan is, for now, open only to California residents.

The dental provider is Delta Dental, whose roster of practitioners includes about 92 percent of all dentists in the state. The omnipresent VSP will provide vision coverage. Members have the option of selection one or both plans.

Billing and administration will be handled by Dublin Insurance Services of Dublin, Calif.

If you haven’t yet joined the unit, click on “Join Us.” If you are due to re-up, click on “Renew.

Send an email to Guild business manager Wendy Mejia at with your name, address, phone number, and number of dependents you would like to cover.

There is a three-month waiting period to access your Dental/Vision benefits, so you should apply as soon as possible after joining. If you fail to apply within five months of joining the local, you must then wait until the open enrollment period in December. Our insurance carrier is very firm about the deadline: You must meet it or wait for open enrollment. No exceptions. You must remain a member in good standing (that means paying dues) to continue to use the plan.

In Network Out of Network
Diagnostic & Preventative 100% 100%
Basic 90% 85%
Crowns, Jackets & Casts 60% 50%
Prosthodontics 60% 50%
Annual Benefit Maximum $2000
Individual Deductable $25
Family Deductable $75
Deductable Waived on D&P Yes
MONTHLY RATES EE only     $49.26
EE+1        $90.35
EE+2+    $143.64