Resources for Freelancers

Freelance science and tech writer Susan Kuchinskas shares some of her favorite tools. Do you have resources you would recommend to other freelancers?

What to Charge: Pricing Strategies for Freelancers and Consultants, by Laurie Lewis (2011, Outskirts Press)

Lewis offers strategies for setting and evaluating fees. Lewis writes: “Because the book is strategy based, it will never go out of date. It stood the test of the economic recession that began in 2008. The main reason I revised the book was that anything having to do with computers was outdated. Remember, many people were still using WordPerfect when I wrote the first edition, and the term “social networking” hadn’t been invented yet.”

The latest edition came out in 2011. What to Charge was selected as a finalist in the Business: Writing and Publishing category of the USA Best Books 2011 awards.

You can order directly from National Association of Independent Writers and Editors.

Homework: The Podcast

This is a podcast for people who work from home and covers a lot of territory in weekly discussions and advising. Hosted byAaron Mahnke and Dave Caolo.

Emergent Task Planner

The one-page planner helps track time on projects, proposals and blog posts and helps pinpoint productivity challenges. features thousands of tutorial videos for software. As a member of the Guild, you are entitled to take courses one at a time at no charge.


Scrivener comes highly recommended as a tool for authors. Use it to organize research or prepare a book proposal. The producers of this software have a generous download policy.

The Journalist’s Toolbox

SPJ updates this page regularly, and while it is not aimed specifically at freelancers, it offers a myriad valuable resources. SPJ also published “On Your Own: A Guide to Freelance Journalism,” which is free to members.



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