GF Wall of Shame

Publishers earn a place on the Wall of Shame by offering remuneration so far below acceptable standards you have to peruse the job posting over and over to make sure you read what you thought you read. To their way of thinking, they’re not lowballing you; you’ve got your “passion” to keep you warm. In fact, you’ve got so much they might not need to pay you at all.

Who needs money when you can get “exposure?” As one member sagely noted, “You can die of exposure.” is looking for a proven sports blogger and diehard Dodger fan to help us launch a dynamic new blog about all things Dodgers. The lucky candidate, a “reliable self-starter,” will be expected to write two to three “crisp, insightful” posts a day every day, attend all home games, and be adept at CMS and social media. In exchange, he or she will get “a tremendous platform for your work and (nominal) freelancer pay.”

Sorry, folks. Tempting as it is, I think we’ll have to let this one go by. We had no idea the NBC affiliate in Los Angeles was so strapped for cash.

One Guild Freelancer suggested that should change its name to The firm is seeking talented writers to produce “generic comedy script (what’s that?), monologues, skits and up to date political comedy/satire with a progressive liberal bent.” Contributors earn anywhere from $10 — Don’t laugh! That’s two lattes and a Creamsicle! — to a whopping $50.

Demand Media Studios is looking for freelance writers with expertise in business or finance to write for “eHow – Money, one of the top Personal Finance media sites on the web.” This creme de la creme website pays a handsome $15 a pop for 300-500 word stories. What’s that, like a hapenny a word?

This week’s hands-down winner is a bid by World Trade Press to find published, professional travel writers for its subscription website, AtoZ World Travel. The assignment involves writing five to eight articles per city.

World Trade has a style guide and “very specific instructions for content, structure, length, and style.”  These are freelance positions, but “we are looking for people who can commit to supplying us with a new city guide every week to 10 days, so this is a fairly labor-intensive project.” The finished product should require only “only a brief copy edit and proofing.”

“FIVE CENTS A WORD???!!!???” emailed one Guild Freelancer. “And you get to pay for your own travel! What a deal!!”

Webzine “seeks high-quality writing (think creative nonfiction or feature writing as opposed to mere Web content) from skilled writers.” Please note: “Articles should be well-researched, include all relevant references and resources, and include or point us toward appropriate graphics. Include potential solutions to technology-associated problems, particularly from expert sources.”

Feature stories of 400 to 500 words will initially pay $25; cover stories — 800 to 1,000 words — draw a handsome $50. Luckily, the publishers say payment will increase as the site becomes successful.

Have to love this one. Advanced Publishing LLC is looking for experienced writers eager to  build up their portfolio . If you prove worthy enough to be part of their on-call staff you get compensation in the form of — gift certificates.

A special nod goes to the SF Weekly, which seeks “talented, musically literate, informed” San Francisco-based journalists and critics.  These writers will be expected “to turn in clean, well-written copy on time and without fuss.” Fortunately, “We will pay you money,” the Weekly says. But it will be “more like beer money than rent money.”

Pacific Maritime, a family run trade monthly, based in Seattle. The managing editor tells a Guild Freelancer he can’t go above 20 cents a word.

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